MIG 250

MIG 250

IGBT, Inverter, Small Splashing, Automatic Protection, Energy Saving


  • Support MMA, MIG, Lift TIG 3 functions
  • IGBT technology, the core adopts advanced IGBT Inverter device
  • Suitable for welding metal plate with thickness above 0.8mm
  • Inductance control for arc stability and spatter control
  • Digital voltage and ampere meters
  • Wire size selection, do a favor to quickly matching the welding parameter
  • Over current and over voltage protections are available
  • Small splashing and great penetration
  • Energy saving-compared with the traditional GMAW machine more efficient
  • Widely used in electric power, steel structure, shipbuilding and other industries
MIG 250 Features
  1. Anti-drop, buckle wire feeder, high speed, stable and easy changeable.
  2. Push-button start of the wire feeder, realize the automatic
    feeding by one press.
  3. Digital display meter, visually display the welding current delivers a perfect welding performance.
  4. Welding current and voltage are adjustable, brings perfect welding performance.


earth clamp x 1 pcs,
cable joint x 2 pcs,
gas regulator x 1 pcs,
grounding cable 3 m,
MIG torch x 1 pcs

The MIG 250 welding machine is intended for MIG / MAG welding in gas shielding

It is used in craft workshops, maintenance work and industry.

With this device we weld structural steels and, using appropriate accessories and additional materials, also aluminum and CrNi steels.

Ensure excellent weld quality, the possibility of filled wire welding and high productivity using appropriate filler materials and shielding gases.


    Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Low alloy steel
    Sheet thickness: >= 0.8 mm
    Tungsten diameter: 0.8 – 1 mm
    Current range: 50 – 250 A


    Input voltage: 1PH AC 220 V ± 15 %
    Input power: 9.5 KVA
    Input current: 43 A
    Rated output: 26.5 V / 250 A
    Output current: 50 – 250 A
    No-load voltage: 56 ± 5 V
    Duty Cycle % (40°C 10min): 250 A 30 %, 137 A 100 %
    Efficiency: 70 %
    Protection grade: IP21
    Insulation grade: F
    Net weight: 23.4 kg
    Gross weight: 30.4 kg
    Dimension of machine: 575 x 290 x 560 mm
    Dimension of package: 630 x 400 x 610 mm

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